Today is World No Tobacco Day

This year’s theme is “Tobacco Industry Interference”.  The World Health Organization’s (WHO) campaign will focus on the need to expose and counter the tobacco industry’s brazen and increasingly aggressive attempts to undermine global tobacco control efforts.

I avoid second hand smoke today and every day.

Quotes on Tobacco:

I wish we could do something useful with tobacco – like making fertilizer out of it. – Paul Dudley White

I’ve chosen to get the word out to women, especially young women, that tobacco is not glamorous – it’s addictive and smoking takes a serious toll on your health. – Mena Suvari

I’m glad now, at age 66, that I never used alcohol or tobacco… I’ve buried a lot of friends who used tobacco or alcohol. – Jerry Falwell

I learned early to drink beer, wine and whiskey. And I think I was about 5 when I first chewed tobacco. – Babe Ruth

But you can count the dead bodies from alcohol, tobacco, and legal pharmaceuticals by the millions. – Jack Herer

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