What is MAP?

I attended Sacramento Tall Club’s MAP yesterday. MAP means Membership  Appreciation Party. It is an annual event and it has been held at a member’s home. All the food is provided. There is swimming pool to splash in and in the evening a live band plays. Having a pool to dip in is really nice since it is hot in the Sacramento area. Another cool thing is being able to visit with my tall friends? Did I mention Tall Club before? Just kidding, I know I did. Anyway, it is an international organization where the men must be 6’2” tall and the women 5’10” tall. I was 5’11 ¾” when I joined back in 1991. Oh one more rule minimum age is 21. As a group we gather and discuss the differences and difficulties of looking down on the world… and have some fun while we’re at it! Sacramento is the second largest club in TCI (Tall Clubs International). Besides all the social activities we do support people with MARFAN syndrome.  One of the symptoms of Marfan syndrome is usually “tall” person with long, thin arms and legs.

Hope you’re all getting a chance to take a break from work and enjoy the “Labor Day” weekend.

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