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I am…a member of WEBA

WEBA (Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area) was started by Phyllis Garland in 2009 and it meets monthly to share skills and knowledge for successful entrepreneurship. This group is based on building relationships. You’ll also have the opportunity to showcase you and your business, and go way beyond networking in this group of amazing women.

I went to a WEBA event on Friday Oct 19, 2012. There were two speakers. Ron Hori a sales trainer with Eric Lofholm International and Karmen Reed a marketing consultant. Both were informative speakers.

Ron’s presentation included giving us steps for elevating our marketing results. That would be to review 1. Inner Game (What you think about yourself- product-business) 2. Outer Game (How to generate leads online and offline) and 3 Take Action.

Karmen spoke on LinkedIn profiles. This motivated me to finish my profile and update my summary of services section.

The event was also an opportunity to connect with fellow members including several gals from WEBA Blogging Club.

Quote from WEBA Meetup page:

“A life is measured by the roads we travel and the people we share it with. This is how we grow. This is how we add light to the world.” ~ Adele Basheer

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