Are you using Social Network?

I am…using Facebook.

I got the idea to write about Facebook while watching the movie “The Social Network” on TV. I have a personal page and business page – “Affirmation Cards.” I started it in 2009. I do a daily posting called Today’s Positive Thought from my affirmation cards. At the end of each month I randomly select a fan to win a set of either “I am” or “Letting Go” cards. I have sent cards around the world as far away as Australia. I have over 500 fans.

On my personal page I enjoy seeing updates on friends and family including photos.

Are you on Facebook? If so, do you log on daily?

Quotes on Facebook:

•”The thing that we are trying to do at facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.” –  Mark Zuckerberg

•”A lot of people are living their lives online in much more public ways with Facebook and Twitter.” – Dan Savage

•”The great thing that guys like Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg and the Google guys have in common is they treat their technology like it’s art, and I suppose in the hands of virtuosos like them, it is.” – Harvey Weinstein

•”I’m on the Facebook board now. Little did they know that I thought Facebook was really stupid when I first heard about it back in 2005.” – Reed Hastings

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