Changing Eating Habits

I am eating more gluten free foods. I have a couple of favorites. Glutino has a pretzel twist that I find irresistible. I starting eating these little pretzels and just can’t stop. Biggest benefit I find from eating gluten free is I am not bloated like I am when eating whole wheat breads.  Udi brand (not Rudi brand) bread is the one I use to make sandwiches. I haven’t found gluten free pasta that I like yet.

Quotes on gluten free:

Some students will start eating gluten-free because their roommate is eating gluten-free. SOURCE: The Miami Hurricane

The conviction that gluten-free products are generally healthier is the top motivation for consumers of these products. SOURCE: Victoria Times Colonist

“You cannot sell gluten-free French fries when they have gluten. People suffered from consuming these French fries and, in Illinois, they are entitled to compensation for their suffering.” – Thomas Pakenas

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