Drum Making Workshop

I participated in this workshop yesterday. I made my own 15” cowhide drum and beater. We used cow hide from Mexico to stretch over the wood ring. There are 16 holes to stretch rawhide lacing through. I did I need some extra during that process. I cannot beat on it until after it dries. I am standing it on side as shown in picture and Friday I check to see if it is dry enough to gently try tapping on.

When we do a live meditation circle at church I will be able to use my new drum. I have been using a rattle in the past. Feels like it is time to use a different instrument.

Quotes on drums:

•”A good drummer listens as much as he plays.” – Indian Proverb
•”The idea that there are harps in Heaven is a common misconception. When we get to Heaven there will be DRUMS!!!”  ~Tony Vacca

•“Women all over the world are coming to the drum.” – Anna Wells, Cherokee

•”Drum circles create physical vibrations that relax the body. They also massage the heart and the emotions.” – Arthur Hull



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