National Pet Adoption Month

I just found out that November is National Pet Adoption Month. It is a great time to consider adopting a shelter or rescue pet if you are ready to add a furry, fluffy, feathered, scaled, beaked or hairy “kid” to your family. When making your decision to bring a new pet into your home, you may consider going to a breeder or adopting from a rescue or shelter.

I adopted two cats in January 2008. Their owner was moving to Italy and decided to leave the cats at the Peninsula Humane Society. They a male and a female were almost 4 years old. They have been a wonderful addition to my home. Hardest thing is when they both want to sit my lap at the same time. Just not enough room for that.

Quote on pet adoption:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” – Mohandas Gandhi

“I very much believe in rescuing animals, not buying them.” -Candice Bergen, on finding her dog, Lois, a terrier/basset hound mix

You paused outside to look into my cage. I tried to play it right, wanting to catch your eye with a shy glint in my own, a soft bark, that said, “Choose me,” in a canine grammar I hoped you’d understand. – R.S. Jones, his account of his dog Scout’s adoption from a shelter

“Shall we all open our heart to be a forever home for lost pets.” – Martha Steward, Bangle Bear: The Tale of a Tailless Cat


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