My new toy!

I am…playing with my new laptop.

I picked it up in the store Sunday. So, I did my cyber shopping early. My previous laptop is 6 years old with a hard drive that is almost full. Last week I got a message on the screen that the battery life was almost gone.  Thus I felt it was time to purchase a new laptop.

This one has a different operating system Windows 8 that I am not familiar with. I put in the disk to load Office 2007 and the computer just sat there. My past experience is that the computer just installs the program without my having to find autorun and click on it. Next I have to install my QuickBooks software.

Quotes on laptops:

” work on a laptop specifically so I can work in cafes and pretend I”m part of the human world.” – Jonathan Lethem

“If you take any world problem, any issue on the planet, the solution to that problem certainly includes education. In education, the roadblock is the laptop.”-Nicholas Negroponte

“I do indeed write on the road. My laptop goes with me everywhere.” – Nora Roberts

“On vacation, I totally unplug. I don’t bring a laptop with me.” – Will Wright

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