Fan Page Winners

Each month I randomly pick one of fans from my Facebook affirmation card page to win a set of cards. They get to pick between my “I am” or “Letting Go” cards. I pick a winner and send them a message from Facebook to let them know they have 24 hours to get back to me with their choice. I also tell them if they don’t reply within the 24 hours I will select someone else. It seems lately that my fans are not checking their messages in Facebook on a regular basis as it will take three messages before I find a winner. I am at that point this month.

And I have had a couple of winners write to me several months later to say they just read my message.

I am rambling on about this as I am looking for a new method to pick a monthly winner. Maybe I ask for fans to tell me their favorite affirmation card and why? I review and pick from one of the submissions.

Any ideas or thoughts on how to get more prompt reply from a fan?

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