Follow-up to Solstice Ceremony

I am…enjoying Stillheart Institute

I stayed overnight after the Solstice Ceremony at Stillheart Institute. It ended after midnight.  I was in room #303 or the Equanimity room. Each room has a name or focus. Equanimity is said to be “evenness of mind”. Buddha described a mind filled with equanimity as “abundant, exalted, immeasurable, without hostility and without ill-will. Sounds good to me.

I am glad I didn’t drive home as it was pouring rain after the ceremony and during the early morning hours as well. Plus Stillheart is one of my favorite places to visit so the opportunity to stay over after ceremony was a welcome choice.

The artwork (photo in this blog) in the bathroom made me think of all the drums we were using at the ceremony. It was round like the drums and beautiful too. It was painted by Juilen Canuso who was the resident artist at Stillheart Institute.

Quotes about Stillheart Institute:

•“Beautifully appointed with depth, wisdom and integrity. A truthful experience.” – Angela Feist

•”The location and design provide total relaxation. It was hard to leave and come back to reality.” – Marika, of Future Legacy

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