Finding Family Treasure from 1936

Calendar Evergreen GarageI spent last weekend at my mother’s home in the Sierras. My sister, brother and mother were there as well. My sister was going through drawers and found some calendars my grandfather had made back in 1936. My grandfather operated the Evergreen Garage in San Jose CA. Instead of a lift you drove in and he worked in a pit under the cars and trucks. He gave these calendars to his customers. The calendar is framed. Oh and the background picture is different on each one calendar. These are the calendar where you tear off each month at the bottom and the picture stays the same. Unlike most of today’s calendar where you flip over the page and get a new picture to go with the month.

I was given two of these calendars as I have two sons to pass them on to. Now to find the perfect place to hang one on the wall.

Do you have any items from your family that give you joy?

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