How to participate without extra expense?

Cling On Moment

Cling On Moment

This year one of my clients decided to have an ugly sweater contest as part of their holiday celebration. I no longer own a Christmas sweater. What was I to do? I considered borrowing my mother’s sweater vest but forgot to pick it up when I visited her on Sunday before the event. The night before the party I got out my bag of holiday socks as I figured I would wear a pair at the party. Then I had a “cling on” moment. I remembered seeing a commercial on TV for dryer sheets to prevent socks and other clothing from clinging to each other. Thus an idea was born to pin my holiday socks on one of sweaters. I made my own ugly sweater. It turned out pretty cute and I was participating without any extra expense.

A fellow in the office used a clothes pin to attach his Christmas stocking at neck of his sweater. His name was on the stocking. Another clever idea. His won 2nd place. No, I didn’t win but I did participate in the fun.

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