I am…using my voice

Recently I wrote a letter to CVS. For two reasons the manager at a local store requested we let Corporate know how the store is understaffed. And two I experienced this first hand. There was only one cashier and she was also the manager. So guess what, I had a long wait in line to make my purchases. The cashier/manager was very apologetic about the delay. Oh, and did I mention it was Black Friday when there could be extra shoppers so more staffing might make sense.
I got a nice letter back stating they are immediately looking into the staffing situation. It had a real signature so I figure someone actually read my letter. Additional feedback was that my input will help their efforts to ensure my future shopping experiences are more pleasurable. How CVS has a commitment to service and that they appreciate the opportunity to address my concerns. As a token of their appreciation for my bringing this matter to their attention they enclosed a $5.00 CVS gift card.
Bottom line: I do hope they address the staffing issue at my local CVS. And I am happy I used my voice.

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