I finished writing my second book

I have lots of editing to do. First will be a chapter on what is an affirmation. (Every thought we think we are affirming) This is one of chapters after that. I guess alphabetically it is the first chapter. What do you think? I will share more in the coming weeks.


Define: Accepting is tending to regard different types of people and ways of life with tolerance and acceptance.

Ask: How accepting are you?


I watched Senator McCain’s funeral on September 2, 2018, and saw he was accepting of people. Though a Republican he had requested two Democrats to speak at this funeral. He was good friends with both and worked across party lines for the welfare of his country. Former Vice President Joe Biden started his eulogy for the late Senator John McCain with “My name is Joe Biden. I am a Democrat.”  McCain was even criticized been by the Republican party for sitting with a Democrat on the Senate floor.


  1. Look for what you like or is good about others instead of what makes them different. Not accepting

someone usually stems from only seeing negative things about them.

  1. Not judging yourself and others is a central, vital step to acceptance. Stop criticizing yourself;

then you can take pressure off others to do everything the right way as well.

  1. Are you comparing others behavior to the past? Stay in the now. You hinder the present moment by

comparing it to the past.


I am…accepting

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