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Athletic is someone who is active and vigorous.


How athletic are you?


I learned about Pickle Ball three years ago. My neighbors were encouraging me to try it. They felt it was so much fun and that I was missing out. It takes four players for a game. The court is smaller than a tennis court. You use a paddle and waffle ball. Starts to sound like I can manage to play this game. Since the court is smaller and two players on one side there isn’t as much running from one side of court to other. Not being the most athletic person, I found that I could learn the game at the court, watching videos and reading magazine, about the sport. After that it was practice that built my skills. I also joined the Pickle Pals club where I live. Experienced players will coach beginners along. I volunteered to be a score keeper for a recent tournament which helped with learning the rules. Bottom line I enjoy being with friends and playing this fun sport.


Find a sport that interests you. If you don’t then you will get bored and probably quit.

Become a student of the game. Look it up on the internet, find others who play the game and ask them questions.

Practice, make time to play. Find a mentor.


Eat healthier.

Join a team, a league, or a club.

It takes effort to be good at anything.


I am…athletic


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