Merry Christmas

I just finished working on editor suggestions for another page. This one on the word “receiving”.  I felt that would be a perfect topic for posting today.

Feedback appreciated. Looking to fine tune pages before printing next book.


Define: Receiving is to get or be given something. The act of taking into one’s possession something offered or delivered and or having something bestowed on you.

Ask: How do you feel about receiving gifts from others? Do you feel obligated to repay? Do you easily receive compliments from others?


It was a big lesson for me to learn to just receive. I felt obligated to repay. I finally understood that the giver received pleasure from giving to others and really only wants a genuine thank you in return.

I experienced that when I took a girl friend on a trip to Hawaii with me for free. I was going to take my boyfriend at the time. Long story on why I didn’t. I had paid for all the airfare and lodging ahead of time through his friend who was a travel agent. The agent was able to change the name of his tickets to my girlfriend’s name. I experienced several times during our trip when she felt like she needed to pay for things since I was paying her way to go. I was really happy to have the company of a good friend on my trip. That was when I saw how it is important to be open to receiving gifts without feeling obligated to reciprocate.  The universe gives you more when you are open to receive.


  1. Accept all compliments. (Remember when it felt hard to do that. Do I desire a compliment.) All you need to say is Thank you. (Again I felt I needed to say something else and then realized I was actually reducing the value of the gift in mind of the giver) Even if it seems hard to receive a compliment. Over time it get easier to receive as one realizes it isn’t just about you and how you feel. How you respond is important to the giver. Share happiness with them for their wellbeing.
  2. Tosha Silver wrote the book Change Me Prayers. In her book she feels you can help rewire your brain to be better at receiving by saying a Change Me Prayer.

You could say: “Divine Beloved, please open me into one who is willing to receive.  Please change me into someone who provides others with the delight of giving to me”. You get the idea. Give yourself positive reinforcement around being grateful for all that is offered to you.

  1. Visualize the Ying and the Yang. Male and Female energy. We need both to keep ourselves in balance.

The act of receiving is yin and it feels passive. The act of giving is yang which feels active. Neither is better than the other. The two are integral parts to larger whole (the big picture).

When receiving, imagine you are activating your yin energy, and this is keeping all of your yang energy in balance.

  1. Notice what you receive every day.

You may be better at receiving than you realize. Which is good reason to start to notice on a daily basis what you receive. Perhaps a neighbor waves at you when you walk or drive by their house, or perhaps a friend gives you helpful feedback on a household project.

Noticing how often you receive in these everyday moments; you can become more comfortable with the act of receiving in a larger way.

Another way I acknowledge that I am able to receive is to say a little prayer over my meals. I give thanks to all who helped with my meal. From the farmer, packagers, truck driver and store employees who had a hand in getting this food to me. Works when I eat out as well, bless the cook, server, waiter etc.

Affirm: I am…receiving.

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