Relax and Color

Today is National Coloring Book Day. I just discovered this day on Sunday. So interesting, as I have been creating my first adult coloring book. It is based on my “I am” affirmation cards. Simple artwork and each page have a different I am phrase. It will not be 150 pages to match the total of cards in a set. More like 65 pages. I will make a second book with more of my I am phrases. It has been fun putting this book together.

I first started using an adult coloring book in 2019 at a retreat. I was at Echo Summit near Lake Tahoe. We had a wonderful view of the Lake. They had different projects to try. Group puzzles to put together. And coloring books. I used the Louise Hay book called The Affirmations Coloring Book. I bought one when I got home. I put it to good use during 2020 when COVID started. I was a nice way to relax and not focus on the outside world.

Since them I have bought more coloring books. I like pages that are perforated. Easy to get out of book. Spiral books tend to leave a frayed edge unless they also have a perforation. I enjoy using colored pencils to color each page. I even bought an electric pencil sharpener to keep a nice tip for coloring.

This year in April I started posting pages I colored on my Facebook page (affirmationcards) Now each Friday I post a page I have colored. And sometimes on Twitter @Apositivethoght.

National Coloring Book Day was established only seven years ago in May of 2015 by Dover Publications.

As a day to relax and color. Sounds good to me. Are you going to join me and stop working and spend some time coloring? No coloring book. No problem. Go to to download free pages to color.

Sample New coloring book

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