Did you participate in Black Friday?

I did.  I slept in so I wasn’t one of those late nighters or earlier riser shoppers on Black Friday.  First stop was to check out in person a laptop that I want to buy. Not sure if because I wasn’t a serious shopper but I managed to get a parking spot right outside the door. Only spot closer was for a handicapped driver. Anyway I got helped right away. This new laptop has a bigger screen and it is heavier. I wanted to touch the keyboard to help with my final decision. I will be ordering it online as they don’t carry the model I want in the store.

Then off to Office Depot to get some envelopes. I made two more stops. Final stops were for sheets & a comforter for a new queen bed that is to be delivered soon. I was all done by lunch.

Quote on Black Friday:

“It’s funny how during Thanksgiving we’re thankful for what we already have, but then we practically trample each other for the stuff we don’t have on Black Friday.” – Author unknown

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