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Home made chili for lunch

A weekly dinner for my son and his wife. It all started back in July when my grandson was born. At first I was making their favorites as requested including pepper steak and chicken in wine. With the seasons changing I am fixing dinners that reflect the weather. I made minestrone soup this week as the temperature dropped. I use a recipe from Moosewood Cookbook. I haveHome made chili for lunch been making this recipe for years with one adjustment. I add Swiss chard at the end.

What happens is I get to hold my grandson while they eat the dinner I have prepared. It is a win-win for all of us. They get to eat together at the same time and I get some one on one time with the little guy. Plus I enjoy buying all the ingredients and preparing a meal for my family to enjoy.

I didn’t take a picture of the soup. The picture I attached is chili I made for a Saturday lunch I served to crew helping with remodel work at the kid’s house. I also fixed a green salad, corn bread and Spanish coffee cake for dessert.

I wonder what I will prepare next week for dinner. Maybe I will start making some recipes in my crock pot. Do you have a favorite dinner suggestion?

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