Six Month Anniversary

I am…having a six month anniversary today.

I have been writing blogs every day for 6 months now. Well I missed one day in March because I forgot to schedule my blog. My intent is to make each blog be part of either an “I am” or “Letting Go” affirmation. Then sometimes I find an interesting or funny day coming up like “Take your dog to work day” and I write about that instead. I like to write about something uplifting. This includes yesterday’s blog on my experience finding my Inner Wisdom via mask making.

Our lives are what we focus on and I plan to keep myself looking at what is possible.  To that end I created the “I am” cards and then “Letting Go” cards. Now I am working for 4 more sets of cards. These cards focus on supporting us through grieving, forgiveness, our choices, and strengthening of chakras. Example of a grieving card would be” I am crying to lessen the pain”. Forgiveness card example: I forgive…the bully at school. Choice card- I choose to recycle and reuse or I choose to be more loving. These cards give permission and awareness in order to make changes in our lives.  I love supporting positive thinking.

I am going to make a toast. Here is to my producing another 6 months of blogs to support and uplift our spirit.

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