Creative Mojo

I am participating in an 8 week class called Creative Mojo. It is lead by Robin Clark. She is an amazing creative spirit. We connect weekly on the phone for an hour. The class as described by Robin is designed to give you the BOOST you may need to kick your creative participation with life into high gear.

I am so enjoying this class. We have had 6 calls so far. I like that we start each class with a meditation.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling sluggish. This is a great indication of resistance to moving forward. Resistance is fear. In this case fear of moving forward. Whatever is in the way is the key to my success. I guess you would say I am taking time to find the Mojo or magic in what I do. This feels like a appropriate use of my time.

Quote on Mojo:

I just saw David Lee Roth on Leno last night. He was doing old Van Halen songs though with a Country feel … he has DEFINITELY his mojo!! By Peter T.

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