Living in a fog

I am…driving in a fog

The fan in my car is playing games with me. One day it works and next it doesn’t. Not a big deal when the weather is dry but Wednesday morning I had to drive in the rain. I was wet when I got in the car and this was causing the wind shield to fog up. Well I couldn’t get my vent system to work. So with no fan the wind shield was getting foggy. After my next stop it wasn’t raining so I was able to drive with windows down and clear the wind shield.

Then I get in the car Thursday morning and the fan worked. Friday it is working again and thank goodness as I was driving in the rain. But when I left my last appointment the fan was not working. At least it was a light rain so the wind shield wasn’t fogging up very much. Looks like I need to take the car by dealer and find out what is wrong.

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