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Define: Calm is a peaceful mental or emotional state.

Ask: How do you remain calm? Or how do you achieve a feeling of calmness?

Reflection: I have been told that I seem to bring a calm energy with me. Years ago, I was hired to train an individual in how to use a software program called Construction Partner. This was one of my first trainees and she had not used a computer before. She wrote down each step along the way. I would sit beside her and have her make all the entries and move around the software on her own. If I do everything and the student watches, they tend to forget the steps. I had to sit quietly while this student wrote down all the steps and then make entries on the computer. This student felt I was a patient and calm person teaching her. She didn’t feel rushed to complete the task or judged on how well she was doing. This built her confidence and trust in her own ability to work with the software. I must admit at times I wanted to just say “press the enter button and let’s move on”. I didn’t. Instead, I’d take a breath and let go of stress in order to stay calm for the benefit of the student.

Action: Here are a couple of techniques I use.

  1. Taking even 10 minutes to meditate can bring a feeling of calm to the body and mind. Use the 10 minutes doing some measured breathing is an easy way to meditate. Breathe in for the count of six, hold for the same count and then exhale to the count of six. If this is too long to hold your breath, change to the count of five. Or use a mantra over and over again. Example: breathe in as you mentally say, “I am” and exhale as you say, “peace”.
  2. Stay positive. If your mind begins to wander into a stressful area find something positive to think about. Let the negative thought go and refocus on         something positive. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something as simple as: the smile on your child’s face or a beautiful sunrise.

Affirm: I am…calm

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